How to Bend or Curve Drywall Easily

Bending drywall is not so easy unless you know how to do it. Doing it improperly will break it for sure.  

There are mainly two kinds of drywalls. One is the flexible one, and the other is the regular one. Flexible drywalls are obviously gonna curve better, whereas the regular drywalls will curve but not that good like the flexible ones. Anyway, we are talking about regular drywall. Let’s see how to bend drywall.

Bend Drywall Easily


When you want to bend, whether drywall or maybe the top of an archway or something like that, there are limits to what you can do. Drywalls will bend, though. You will notice that when you pick up a sheet and try to bend, it bends, at least a little bit.

Take a look yourself, get a half-inch standard drywall. As you push the center of the board to bend it, there is a reason to panic if you hear a crackling sound. That’s because the board is losing its strength. When you push it too hard, it will snap from the middle. That is something that you want to avoid. You can also read about fixing a drywall crack.

You see, drywalls can actually be bent, but when it’s dry, they can be bent to a very limited radius. But if you make it wet, which means applying water on it and leave it for some time so that the water soaks in.

We don’t want soaking wet drywall that decomposes, but the one that accepts the moisture. Then we can bend it much more.

How to Bend a Drywall

We are going to discuss two steps to bend the drywall. First is wetting the drywall so that it gets enough moisture and doesn’t break on the process.

1. Wetting the Drywall

First, you need to wet the drywall. To do that, you are going to need a sprayer. Place the drywall in the proper place. You have to wet the drywall multiple times as wetting it once is not enough. Wetting it three times will do it.

The first time you wet it, leave it for around 45 minutes to an hour.

Then the second time after wetting the drywall, let the drywall soak the water for another 45 minutes.

For the third and the last time, wet the drywall, and wait for 15-20 minutes.

2. Curving the Drywall

After the drywall has been dried out well, it’s time to bend the drywall. Now you have to bend or shape the drywall as you need it to.

Be very careful when you are bending the drywall, keep the pressure to the center of the drywall, and slowly force the other two sides with your hands. You will notice that the drywall has begun to bend.

Try to bend it around the radius you need. When the drywall is completely dried out from the water, it stays curved. Anyway, when it is a little bit wet, shaping the flat spots will work better.

Now, if you need to add more strength to the drywall, do the curve, screw it on the proper places as you need to. You can put either just drywall compound or better yet the sheetrock, the chemical setting compound in there.

Then, you can bend the second one on the top, screw it in the places, and when that compound dries, you will have a well-bent solid piece of drywall. It will be strong, tight, and bent.


By now, you may have got a proper idea of how to bend drywall. Follow these simple steps very carefully and make it work. Bend the drywall as you need.

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