How to Fix a Crack in Drywall That Keeps Coming Back

After toiling super hard throughout the week, a guy expects some sort of breathing space. But, try to imagine his mental situation if he has to dedicate this precious moment thinking how to fix a crack in drywall that keeps coming back, it will definitely make his hackles rise.

Cracks in drywall are notorious. In most cases, these cracks are easy to repair, but many people find themselves doing this repeatedly for the lack of proper fixing.

How to Fix a Crack in Drywall

However, you can get over this problem by using some tools and tricks. If you get the right materials and appropriate instructions to follow, repairing these cracks will be as easy as pie for you.

In this article, we will go through the whole fixing process of cracked drywall, keeping no margin for error.

Strategy for Fixing a Drywall

As we said previously, mending a cracked drywall is not a big deal if you follow proper instructions. And keeping this in mind, you can go along with the following procedures for a great reconstruction of your wall.

Be sure to get the following things before you begin the process –

  1. Towel
  2. Paint
  3. Mud Pan
  4. Putty Knife
  5. Sanding Sponge
  6. Drywall Knife
  7. Mesh tape
  8. Patch Primer

1. Covering the Crack

Initially, covering the crack with fiberglass mesh tape is a must. You have to attach the sticky part of the tape to the wall. This tape will help to keep the cracked part of the wall together.

Majority of the time, not using mesh tape is a common scenario. They don’t know what the tapes will actually do. But in reality, the tape will clench the walls together.

After using the tape on the cracked part, you will do further tasks on it.

Fiberglass Mesh Tape

2. Using the Patch Primer

A patch primer is a very handy device in order to fix walls. It will help the fiberglass mesh tape to stick more securely on the wall.

You should apply a certain amount of patch primer that is sufficient to cover up the crack. Over applying the primer will not look good on walls.

When you start applying, put the primer on the middle of the tape. Then keep going downwards. After completing the descending part, come back to the center and go upwards. By doing so, your mesh tape will face less wrinkling and will offer great sustainability.

Drywall Patch Primer

As it is the main product of our fixing task, make sure you use it well enough. Otherwise, you have to work on the walls again.

If your crack is a bit longer, like 2 feet at least, using a drywall knife is a good option. This will help you to put the primer deeper.

3. Make Use of a Putty Knife!

So far, you have used a patch primer on the cracked part. Now it’s time to use a putty knife. Spread the patch primers around the cracked area of the drywall with the help of a putty knife.

Make sure that you have covered the whole fractured area. It is suggested to apply a patch primer on both the inside and outer parts. As a result, your walls would be more uphold.

Putty Knife For Drywall

4. Apply Sandpaper

The main purpose of using sandpaper or sanding sponges is to give firmness to the wall. A combination of pitch primer and sand makes perfect chemistry for walls.

Now, the mixture of these two blends completely into the wall and flattens out the surface, offering you a nice and firm drywall.

Sandpaper For Drywall

After applying sandpaper, you have to wait for 30 minutes at least so that your wall can dry up well.

Our main job is almost done. Now it’s about to give the finishing touches.

5. Play with Colors

Necessary things are done; now time to play with some colors. In the wake of all these things, you should tuck away the cracks by repainting the walls.

There are some colors out there in the market that protect walls from scratches and other damages. Make an effort to use those colors with the intention of long-lasting and bright walls.

Drywall Crack Painting

How to Prevent Cracks

If you know how to protect your walls from getting cracked in the first place, then you didn’t have to work on it several times, right? So, getting to know how to protect your walls is important.

To begin with, drywall mud choosing is really important. When you coat your wall with drywall mud, pick the best one in the market. The best ones are the most adherent ones. It will keep the concretes and sands together, forming a tight and strong bond.

Next is the mesh tape. Generally, people use normal paper tape to cover the wall, but fiberglass mesh tapes are the strongest. These mesh tapes prevent crack well enough. Click Here for more details about paper tape vs fiberglass mesh tape.

The final thing to have in mind is nail popping. I know nails are handy staff to hang things on the wall. But these nails often weaken the walls, and as such, walls get cracked after few days. You can also check the fixing method of bulging drywall.

Using top-quality lumber is an alternative idea to choose from. High-quality lumber assures you with less warping to the walls and provides tremendous service.

Final Words

It can be a bit problematic about fixing the cracks on drywall that keep coming back. But taking some crucial initiatives can help you get off this hassle.

Try to follow the instructions mentioned above to find the answer to “How to fix a drywall that keeps coming back?”

But if you are an early bird reading this, try to be smart from the very first day. Get some quality tools and other supporting products to form a strong wall. There is little chance of damage wire inside drywall. You can also rewire without removing drywall. It is not so usual but can happen.

Forming a strong wall would not require you breaking a bank; instead, it will give you long-lasting support that you’ll be able to enjoy till you breathe.

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