Step By Step Guide to Make Wood Paneling Look like Drywall

Sometimes you may be tired of the extremely nostalgic appearances of the wood paneling of your house. Though wood paneling was enormously popular in the mid-90s; nowadays, people treat it as dated, dingy, and dark.

So do you want to replace the paneling with brand new drywall?

If so, then we are giving a beginner-friendly step-by-step guide about how to make wood paneling look like drywall.

Are you ready to dive in? Read on and get down to start working!

Making Wood Panel Wall Look Like Drywall

Wood paneling gained much popularity because of its low cost and easy installation. Though nowadays, paneling is a polarizing topic and you obviously want something new if you already lived through it.

Wooden Panel Look Drywall

Removing the paneling is time-consuming as well as costly. For that reason, drywall over the paneling can be the best way to give your wall a modern and updated look.

Below is the step-by-step process of how to do it.

Step 1: Prepare Your Room for Paneling Renovation

Firstly you have to move your furniture from the paneling area or cover it up to protect it from the dust and colors. Take all the nails out from the surface before starting work. Then Cover the floors with a piece of cloth or plastic sheet so that the floor remains safe.

Step 2: Use a Primer to the Paneling

Prime the area you want to a makeover with a high-quality primer. You may use PrepRite ProBlock as it provides a smooth and groves-free surface. So, your first job is to paint the whole area with the primer, which allows the joint compound and paint a workable surface to stick on to.

Put only one coat with the primer, and it will be enough.

Step 3: Fill the Seams and Cracks

When the primer dries, get ready with your spackle brush and joint compound. Fill the cracks in the creases of the paneling with the spackle brush. As the paneling may have groves and little nicks, you need to make a flat and even surface.

Apply joint compound all over the surface of the panel from top to bottom. Scrape off extra joint compound as much as possible with a firm hand.

Be careful not to touch the edge of your brush on the wall to protect the primer. Wait around 24 hours to dry the joint compound, time may vary according to the formula you use.

Step 4: Repeat Filling the Seams if Needed

When your first coating dries, check out all the imperfections, as you want a perfectly smooth and flat surface. If your wall looks bumpy and groovy even after coating, then you have to put a second coat of the spackling compound over it. Again, let the coat dry and then finish the coating process with sanding.

Apply as many coats as needed if the surface doesn’t look even and smooth. You can check if your coating is perfect by closing your eyes and running your fingers across the surface.

Step 5: Sand the Joint Compound

When the joint compound perfectly dries, lightly sand any uneven spots. Actually, you don’t need to put too much compound or sand on the flat surfaces of the paneling. But, be sure to sand the edges of the joint compound in a fairly light and circular way.

Step 6: Again Apply a Primer on the Paneling

This step may look redundant, but it’s important to make your wood paneling look like drywall. Actually joint compound sometimes makes the surface unevenly distribute paint, and so the second primer helps with this. Moreover, skipping this step may make your paint look stripped.

Step 7: Paint the Walls

So, last but not least job is to paint the wall with your desired color. Put double-coated high-quality latex paint to make your paneling like actual drywall. Remember to dry the surface before applying the second coat.

Final Verdict

So now, you can easily make your own wood paneling look like drywall without much of a fuss. Don’t be afraid to trial because practice and trials can only make you a perfectionist.

The joint compound may take some more time to dry perfectly than you expected, but it’s necessary to put some extra effort to finish it.

The DIY project totally takes around three days, but the joint compound takes a long time to dry. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on a wall painting, simply try how to make wood paneling look like drywall. Painted paneling brightens the room, and gives it a brand new look!

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