A Closer Look At Press Brake Operators

There are many welding and fabricating companies that have a high degree of capabilities and have no problem boasting about them. Of course, there are some who are experts and there are others that mainly use premium marketing companies to build their reputation.

However, in order to identify a truly great metal fabrication company, you’ll need to pay attention to the quality of work that they actually create on a daily basis. Remember, actions show more than words and this is certainly quite true in the metal fabrication world. Another huge component to a company’s success is the actual fabricators and operators who actually perform the jobs.

This is quite true when it comes to press brake operators. Press brake machines are necessary in order to bend sheet metal into different shapes. Lots of press brake operators learn the skill via direct experience on the job.

However, there are other operators who learn by getting the right training and certification. That said, the method in which an operator learns to use a press brake doesn’t actually matter. What matters is that they know their role, how to use the press brake machine, and the associated tools and drawings. Find brake press operator jobs here.

Operator Role: An excellent press brake operator is constantly trying to get better at his job by learning about new technologies, going through new training, etc. They should also have a good understanding of the whole fabrication process. This means that they should understand how to set up the machine, how to meet particular job specifications, fabrication time, what the machine can do, etc.

Press Brake Machine: There are actually many different models and types of press brake machines and each one has various limitations, abilities, and maintenance needs. Some of these are full CNC, hydraulic, mechanical, retrofitted CNC brakes, etc. It is important to note that every single type of machine has its own abilities, setup times as well as limitations on what it can do.

A press brake operator needs to know about each of the different machines and the differences of each one. They also need to know about the forming times for every type of machine as well as the concentrated load limits. With that said, the vast majority of operators are typically only thoroughly trained for one particular type or model press brake machine.

Do note that if the load limitations are exceeded, then this can cause the machine to be easily damaged and the products would come out deformed. As a result, these operators must have an excellent understanding of these machines and the associated math.

Tools: You can’t make high-quality parts with bad tooling. Make sure and read that sentence twice because it is extremely important to remember. There are various bending types such as coining, bottom, air bending, etc.

Each of these types of bending has to be done with different tooling. Professional press brake operators will need to know the tolerances for tooling according to the punch and die that are utilized.

Drawings: In order to make a part, all of the details of doing so would have to be in the drawings. These drawings should have accurate dimensions, bend angles, the radius of the bend as well as tolerances of every part.

So, the specifications in the drawings need to keep in mind the press brake that has to be used and its capabilities as well as the capabilities of the tooling.

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