How to Remove Paint from Drywall

Removing paint from drywall is not such a difficult task. You don’t have to call for service; rather, you can do it on your own without anyone’s help. What you only require are some pieces of information. I might help you with that. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Get the correct tools, simply follow these three steps, and the paint will be removed from the drywall before you know it. 

I will brief three steps very easily so that with zero to little experience, you can figure out how to remove paint from drywall.

Removing Paint from Drywall

Here is the thing. You don’t want to take all the paint off the wall. What you want is a nice and smooth surface to work with. If you are thinking about removing all of it, you will end up spending a whole day on a little wall. You are going to paint over it anyway, right?

Removing Old Paint

Get the Essential Tools

Now what you need is a putty knife. You will also need a joint compound and a sanding block. One can also use sandpaper, but it’s better to get an electric or pneumatic sander. Manually sanding the surface will do the trick as well.

Any of these will do for the purpose. But investing in a sanding block would be much appreciated; you will get your value for the money if you regularly have to do such tasks.

Step 1: Clean Up the Mess

To make things easier and prepare the drywall for painting, clean the wall first. You can use soap and water for the process. Simply grab a cloth, soak it in the soapy water, and clean the wall. Skipping this cleaning method will not cause much trouble because, with a putty knife, you are ready to go.  

Now, the first thing you need to do is, take your putty knife and start scraping off the wall. Once you have knocked all the loose stuff off the wall, you don’t want to paint right away.

Because all the unwanted spots still will be there, you are going to see them, and these are going to cause trouble while painting. So, give it some time.

Step 2: Apply Joint Compound

So, what you are going to do is you have to take some of the joint compounds and apply them to the wall. After you have done that, let it dry for a little while. A day is enough for the process. But because it is such a thin coat, it won’t take more than a few hours to dry.

Remember to apply the compound as much as needed, neither less nor excess. The compound will help to get a nice flat surface on the wall. Get a good quality compound from the market, and you are ready to go.  

Step 3: Have a Go with the Sanding Block

Then take the sanding block you have, and with your sanding block, you are just going to hit it lightly over the wall. What that’s going to do is, it will smoothen the wall out so that it becomes smooth like a glass surface. When you get your paint on there, it’s going to look like a brand-new wall.

Now you are just one step away from your goal. Use the sand block to get rid of the unwanted spots, and then the wall is prepared to get new paint.

The Chemical Method

People often take the chemical option for the job. For that, you have to cover up all the things in your room except the drywall. Yes, even the floor. You need a paint roller and paint stripper for this method.

Use the paint roller to apply the paint stripper; take enough time to see the paint bubble. Then just scrape it off; you can use a paint scraper for it.

As soon as the paint is removed, wash with cold water. When you are using chemicals for a job, you are always needed to be very careful and take as much help as you can from the right source. 

Final Words

So, that’s it. By following these three simple steps, you must have got an idea about how to remove paint from drywall.

There may be some other processes for the job. But this is the easiest and safest way for the task, as I have found. Taking lengthy options is not always the greater ones.

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